Are You Practicing Safe Tweets? Phishing

When you are managing 40+ twitter accounts, you have the opportunity to notice trends in "attacks" and there seems to be another "red tide bloom" hitting the twitter-sphere. Just recently I have been getting tons of DM's (Direct Messages) on a bunch … [Read more]

Linkedin Endorsements

This week Linkedin added a new element to their platform, Endorsements. They are a way of saying amen to the bullet point skills that one is hoping to be seen as skilled in. I have a feeling this will be the new game in town; I'll endorse you if you … [Read more]

Social Media for small business

Often we have small businesses ask for assistance with their social media, but they find our one on one coaching to be to much, so we are glad to offer some group classes that will deliver quality education at an affordable price for small … [Read more]