Is your business check-in worthy?

This past April was Foursquare day, a fun geek holiday that both Amber and I were involved in planning and promoting in 2010. While we were very involved in the 2010 champagne, we decided to take a back seat and let others step up and volunteer to plan and promote this year's event. Coincidentally I noticed that I am not checking in as much as I … [Read more...]

Swarm, Herd and Mob behavior in Social Media?

For a few weeks now I have obsessed over the applications of Swarm, herd and Mob behavior and how they might apply to social media, and I believe there is something there worth striving to understand. I believe that how people behave online might follow these theories. Swarm behaviour or Swarm Intelligence discusses how working together the … [Read more...]

Checkin to boost your business and theirs

While there are many entertaining and social reasons to use location based checkin services like Foursquare and Gowalla, there are also some strong benefits that you might be missing out on if you are in a business that calls on others businesses, whether it is for service, deliveries or just sales calls. I have a friend who owns a discount toner … [Read more...]